lauantai 8. joulukuuta 2012

Saving the World with a Toothbrush

My hubby started complaining about how I don't write my English blog more often. I think it's because for some reason I think I need to make sense here and since I don't make sense in the real life either, it's kind of hard to try to do so online. Not sure.

Anyways, today I'm going to tell how I'm about to save the world just by choosing the right toothbrush. I used to have the same toothbrush for a decade, just replacing the head every three months. And then they stopped making them! A year and a half ago I found a store that still had the replacement heads, so I bought up all they had left. But now they're all gone. And since I use my plastic quota on dolls I needed to come up with a new, eco-friendly tool with which to clean my teeth.

First I found a toothbrush that was made out of recycled yoghurt cups - pretty impressive, but still not good enough. Especially after I found out that the pink one only came in medium. It's really harsh on my super sensitive gums :( . It also came with a travel case for the brush, which is kind of silly since you need to replace the brush every three months and you get a new travel case every time.

So I kept looking for something better. And better I found. I found a new brand that also has replaceable heads! Yay!!! No fancy colors, but they were still okay. So I bought one brush plus one set of heads. You were even able to choose from natural to synthetic heads - of course I chose natural :)

I took my brush home, and got curious about what it was made of. And guess what! My new way to save the world wasn't vegan!!! The bristles were pig hair! I was so upset :( So I returned to the store and got new, vegan brushes instead. Whew!

I think it's funny how serious matter this is to me. I was seriously really upset when I found out I couldn't get new replacement heads for my toothbrush and the idea of being forced to buy a new piece of plastic FOUR times a year was just too much! What a waste!! To calm my self down I had to buy me a new Blythe -doll! (made out of plastic, obiously).

It's funny/silly how we decide that this is important and the other isn't. This makes difference and the other one doesn't. Like me stressing out about toothbrushes and at the same time planning our trip to the States. Washing ziplock bags and buying new plastic toys the next minute. Buying only Fair-Trade chocolate and making sure everyone else does the same and then ordering dolls on line, made in sweatshops.

It's hard to be parfect when you have so many things you like. I still think there's hope for me, and others alike. Maybe this is a beginning, and a better me will follow. Later on, maybe after I've got enough dolls?  (To be honest, most of my dolls are bought used. So I'm not really that bad, after all.)