perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

One Crafty Bitch!

I haven't done anything "serious" this week, so I'm going to share with you my less serious crafts, which I've enjoyed a lot!

I've had many smaller projects this week, and didn't feel (well, do I ever??) like staring time-consuming project. So all that I've done I've been able to do from start to finish in about 15 minutes. All of my projects have been not just time-friendly, but also environment friendly too! Which is such a big thing for me.

First I started with teeny tiny scraps of fabric so small that they were about to end up in the bunny litter box. But I saved them for this silly project. :) Other than that all you need is piece of string (I've saved some short strips that aren't good for anything really), some filling (I used filling from soft baby books that I've bought from thrift stores for my other projects). To be honest, I don't even know what to do with these, but they look cute and they were fun to make. :)

The next project was somehow pretty similar, or at least the supplies were quite the same. Small pieces of fabric, some more fabric (solid colors) or some acrylic felt and double-sided sticker sheet. I have sheets and sheets of felt, so it was good to use some of it. It's one of those things that I end up hoarding in my closets, because you never know, and short strips of ribbon, of which I have a lot thanks to scrapbooking (and I've saved those, too). And double-sided sticker sheet and/or brooch pins, depending what you want to do with your ornament.

And the last one. It's something I've done before, but now I made them a bit different. The original idea was from a book whose title I can't remember. Sorry. Something about miniature crafts. Wonderful book, though! All you need is wooden beads, empty thread spools (I have plenty), strips of old magnet (mine's from a memo pad that had two strips of magnet at the back), fabric, small beads and some sharpies. Once again, there's really not that much to do with these, but they were fun to make and they look cute.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures -- Flickr refuses to work properly -- so they are straight from my camera.

Any ideas what to do with these things I made? I've sent the stickers with Pinkkis orders, as a thank yous, but what about the others?

I hope you all have sunny and beautiful weekend!!


perjantai 17. toukokuuta 2013

The Beauty of Unfinished Things

I have decided to start liking unfinished things. To start looking for the beauty in them. I fucking hate unfinished things! In a way I carry them with me, all the work that needs to be done in/outside of the house, all my unfinished craft projects (PLENTY!), homework, plans for the future -- all that, I can feel it. But from now on I'll cherish them, or at least I'll do my best to ignore the weight of unfinished things on my shoulders.

I do have a tendency of leaving one thing behind and hopping to the next one and not even knowing where I left that thing. They kind of just fall out of my hands and land wherever. And I've always thought it's a bad, bad thing! Not anymore. I'll try to think of it as something to come back to. If I still feel like it. And I usually don't.

Life shouldn't be complete. Like if you collected something, maybe a series of something. You like doing that as long as there's something to search for. But after you've completed your collection, it's done. There's nothing more to do except for the occasional dusting. So you need to look for something else to keep you occupied. But if you never buy that final piece you can keep collecting forever. Beautiful!!

So yesterday, when I was about to finish a project I started maybe a year ago (you know, one of those things you keep pushing deeper and deeper into the closet, because you don't feel like doing it and seeing it would remind you of what a no-good person you are for not finishing what you've started. I had the work with me at school (uh, I know. Doesn't sound good, but it really helps me get through the boring classes and actually helps me to stay focused) and I was about to finish it. You know, the last stitch. And then I felt sad about it. So I left it like that -- waiting for the last stitch.

I've heard one group of crafters here in Finland even arranged a craft exhibition for its members unfinished crafts. And guess what? It was a huge success! So it's not just me!

Oh, well! I should go start something to leave unfinished!

Have a sunny and amazing weekend! I have so many things coming up I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and can't keep track of everything. But I'm sure everything will be left undone on time. ;) And I'll end up being in the wrong place at the correct time no matter what! So I'm just going to relax about it.

Oh, we were finally able to order the damn flight tickets to the States! Yay!! Now it feels real and worth celebrating!


torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Gimme some more color, please!

Hello readers!

I don't follow fashion, nor trends. But I do follow the front page on Etsy, and as far as I can remember it has been so pale, so tame, so grown-up and lifeless. Where's all the color? Is this because of the hipsters? Is it cool to be tranquil and calm and all that? If that's the mainstream, is there still room for crazy color combos, silly animal pictures and glitter? Isn't summer suppose to affect the way people dress? Isn't summer suppose to bring out colorful clothes and showy jewelry? What happened this year? Is it because of the recession? Goddammit, will I ever be trendy again?

It's so weird when you realize that even if your whole world is like this, it's not that for everyone else. The way you see the world isn't the way everyone else sees it. I don't understand why, day after day and week after week, the Etsy front page is like that. I don't understand why on earth the most succesful blogs are about food and fashion. I don't understand why the whole world is not vegan. I don't understand why people buy puppies from breeders when there are countless numbers of dogs waiting for a better life in shelters all around the world. I don't understand why not everyone isn't into Blythe dolls. I don't understand why Chocolove's Almond's and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate isn't sold here in Finland. I just don't get it. Why are you so different from me? Why don't you think being funny is fun? You people are just so strange. I don't think I'll ever get you. *rolling my eyes*

Maybe I'm just way ahead of my time. :) Like I was with my obsession with Hello Kitty and Japan. Or even with skulls. Five or ten years ago they put skull prints on everything! And at first I was happy: finally I could have skulls on my kitchen sponge! But after the first wave of skulls/Hello Kitty I grew bored. It became too easy. Too mainstream.
(This didn't happen w/Japan though, I'm still obsessed. Just like every other person I know).

Maybe one day silly, girly jewelry and bright colors and childish prints will be on the front page of Etsy. Maybe my favorite bloggers will start blogging about their daily lives again. Meanwhile, I'll be lurking here in my bright pink corner. Just like the main character in the book Parfum, he turned into some critter and just waited for someone to walk by. Or something. Usually I never, ever remember any details from the books I read, so that's pretty damn good from someone like me. (Quite strange book, though. Read it.)

I need to read Kafka for my Finnish class. I was sure I'd hate it, but actually I like it a lot! So far it's been very easy to read and very interesting. We also need to read Kalevala. Not the whole saga, but parts of it. Ewww. I don't want to. I hate it when I have to read. I love reading, just don't force me to do it!

See ya!



maanantai 6. toukokuuta 2013

Party Season's Over!

After celebrating my son's birthday yesterday, I can happily announce that party season is over for now! Oh, no! It's not! Mothers Day has yet to be celebrated :/. Well, at least the birthdays for this spring are now in the past and I can focus on other things.

Don't get me wrong, I love parties. I love planning them, I love having people over and I love gifts :). But it's just so much work and it's also quite expensive.

My son's birthday was actually last Thursday, but he was at his father's then and when he came home there was just too much stuff going on (soccer tournament and my Blythe meet), so we decided to dedicate Sunday for celebrating. My hubby brought this very special birthday tradition to our family. It means we cook all of the meals based on what ever the bd boy/girl wants. And we are super nice to that person, too. If he/she wants to watch a movie, then the whole family watches a movie. Same thing with games and such. So much fun! I wish it was my birthday every day!

So my 14 year old son wanted to have scrambled tofu and fried spicy tofu and bread + juice for breakfast, tofu-noodles for lunch (this didn't work out because he went to the movies and ate crap there) and for dinner he chose to have seitan steaks, creamy sauce and fries + Coke. And for his guests he wanted to have pb+jelly bars, which he helped me bake. We didn't have a party for his friends; instead he took one of his friends to the movies, but my dad, brother and his girlfriend and my son's godmother paid him a visit. It was fun! And he seemed happy :) even though he didn't like the movie we watched: The Royal Tenenbaums. He said it was too weird.

On Saturday I went over a friend's for a Blythe meet there :). It was so much fun, not so much because of the dolls (I guess we are having a bit of a break from the dolls right now), but the company and my friend's toys! You don't often get to go over a friend's house and go through their toys, but we did! I love having toy crazy friends. I even got one set of Re-ments for my dollhouse!! Yay!!

But seriously, it's funny how many of my "new" friends are into toys, like the people whom I've met over the last two years. More than half of them are crazy about toys. Usually it's vintage toys or Blythe, but I do have one friend who likes pretty much all toys. Well, not all, but her range of likeable toys is a lot wider from all of the others. And we also like stickers and stationery, and pens and erasers. So silly, but oh so much fun! And the great thing is, that I'm not alone with this silliness! At my bithday party few weeks ago the majority still wasn't into toys and stickers, but us silly people were only one or two behind!

There was one other great thing about meeting my dolly friends on Saturday -- I got sewing inspiration from her kitchen placemats! And now I've cut pretty much all of my fabrics into placemats! Unfortunately I ran out of thick interfacing that would've been great for them :( but I had enough for few. I've already made a really cute hot pad and now I can't wait to make more!

Oh, well! I have some sewing to do!

Have a sunny and amazing Monday!


keskiviikko 1. toukokuuta 2013

The best husband in the world!

OOLN (outfit of last night, note the holes!)
In Finland we have a stupid saying that goes something like this: The one who has happiness should hide it. Meaning if you get lucky somehow, you shouldn't show it to the others, they might get jealous and try to ruin your happiness. And it's something that sticks quite deep with us. Like during the week I found out I will get really nice tax refund, and I'will be able to travel to Japan next year (which has been a dream for a long time, since it would be 10 year anniversary trip -- meaning ten years since my first trip   -- and it's also Hello Kitty's 40th birthday), so I was super excited! I went to tell to my husband and in the middle of the sentence I realized he's going to get upset, since there are half a million things he'd want me to spend the money on, like a new bed he's been wanting forever, a deck in our back yard, whatever for the house, like anything else but not another trip for me. So pooof, I didn't feel like sharing my happiness. The second person with whom I wanted to share my happy news would've been my mother. But I knew right away what would be the first thing she'd ask: how much would she'd get? (I own her a LOT of money, otherwise I wouldn't habe been able to keep the house we live in.) So I didn't call her.
Just like my hubby R.G. also takes care of animals

To me this is really difficult. It's somehow against who I am. If I'm happy, I want the whole world to know I'm happy! And because I get so excited, for some reason I think my happiness wouldn't upset others, and actually think that they would be happy with me. But this is not the way world works. Some "good people" might be happy for you for a while, but if it has nothing for them, they don't really care. And the rest of the people think you're just rubbing it into their faces and like your happiness even less.

People like you for what they can get from you. Usually it's just something as simple as you liking them back. And that's how it works -- there's really nothing wrong with that. If it doesn't have anything for them, sooner or later those people dissappear from your life. Or you will disappear from theirs if they don't get anything for you. And that's fine. That's life.

But I think it's also very calculative. I don't know how to adapt along with that information. So strange. Okay, whatever. Use me all you want and I'll do the same to you :).

These kinds of things my sweet hubby makes for us!
Anyway, to my topic. That stuff before was kind of extended prologue for my actual subject. And my chosen subject for today is my husband :D (I'd make a heart but blogger gets so upset when I do that so I won't). I have the greatest husband in the world. My husband is the best there is, and I'm not afraid to say it out loud, even if that meant I now have to sleep with one eye open being scared of crazy ladies trying to steal him away from me!

My husband doesn't want his pic to be posted, so I'm using pics of Mr. Gosling, who's almost as handsome as the real thing. My husband takes a really good care of his health: he runs and does sit-ups
Just like my hubby R.G. takes good care of his health
and stretches and eats very healthy. He's compassionate: he's vegan and he'd never buy a dog from a breeder, he didn't support pet stores that sell puppies or kittens (when he lived in the States) by buying dog food from them. He's talented in many ways: he's a writer, he's a poet, he draws well. He's a great househusband: he cooks, he cleans, he fixes things, he takes good care of the dogs, he feeds my kids and takes care of them so I can study/go to doll meeting/or whatever. He's good even with "man stuff": he does stuff to the car, he fixes all of our bikes, he can lift big rocks if needed, he can scare away crazy drivers, he's fun to be with, easy on the eye, he balances me out a bit. Over all, he's amazing person. And he's all mine! Am I lucky or what? And those only few of the things he's giving me, or things I'm getting from him -- hopefully I have enough to offer him!!

And since there's nothing for you in my husband, I think I should cut it short, or you'll get bored and run to some other blog ;).
R.G's happy moment

Super amazing greetings from Japan!
But before that, I just want to share few happy moments with you, even if it meant rubbing it in your face ;). On Monday my third book was finally finished and ready to pick up! We went to get it right away, since I don't like waiting. It's so pretty! Then I received my stickers and notebooks from Janetstore and finally yesterday I got a package from a blog reader!! My Finnish blog has a Japanese reader who lives in Finland. She's a vegan, too so we have that in common :). She had visited Japan this spring and brought me souveniers!!! Super awesome! I got okonomiyaki flour mix, okonomiyaki sauce, Lärabar bars, Hello Kitty netsuke and a cute Japanese magnet. And a sweet letter and very handy instructions on how to make the okonomiyakis. I feel so happy! And I don't feel like hiding it either :).

My newest stickers!
Okay, I guess this is enough for one day. Enjoy the pictures! Hauskaa Vappua! Happy May Day! It's a big celebration here in Finland, but we like to take it easy and just stay home and eat!

Cute and delicious!

The author hides behind her characters
My dinner last night. I absolutely LOVE vanilla Coke. I barely ever buy it though.

Do you have any great or less-great news to share? I'd love to hear!