perjantai 16. toukokuuta 2014



My blog has moved to here: There's a tab for Finnish blog and one for English one, as well. Currently they are all combined, though. So all my blog posts are under Finnish blog. Kind of confusing and annoying. It should be taken care of over the weekend, says mr. C. We'll see.

See you on the other side! :D


sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014

Sew sew sew your boat...

Gosh! You really have to have something "bad" to really be able to appreciate the "good". Now that my time is more limited (the career coach thing that takes like six hours per day)I enjoy my free time so much more! Like I'm all excited about it! I love it! I love being excited!

So, last Wednesday I had private session that lasted 40 minutes (did I tell about this already? If so please skip the next paragraph, if paragraph is not the correct word here please skip that, too - I'm too busy to check.) and after that I was free for the rest of the week! Super awesome!

My session was kind of fun, teacher said after seeing my papers and after we had talked a bit that I don't really belong into that class. But quitting would risk the money so shouldn't do that either.

After the session which was interrupted by one of my very rude classmate (the coach kept asking her to leave, over and over again, but she just didn't listen. So effing annoying!) I went to a store to buy treats for Vappu/May Day celebration. I'm not into Vappu celebration at all, but if there's an excuse to buy soda and chips I don't want to miss it! ;)

I'm not going to give you very detailed description of my long weekend, but there was movies, gardening and a lot of sewing involved. So much fun! I did a lot in my garden, and hubby helped a lot, too! Super excited about all the plants I've planted. Since it's still quite cold outside in Finland and summer is at least a month away I didn't plant outside that much. Only some carrots, potatoes (not sure at all these will work, I used very small potatoes I saved from last year's harvest.), beets and parsley. Inside I planted a lot more! Not sure if it's call planting if it's only the seeds, not really plants I'm planting? That would be too long of a list, so I'll mention only few: zucchini, kale, kiwano(??), onion, lettuce and so on. So much fun! And it'll be even more fun when we get to eat them! I have a friend who doesn't have the heart to eat home grown vegetables, but she has no problem of eating pigs and cows and lambs...people are strange. :)

Sewing! At first it was like a task, I wasn't happy with it at all. I had to finish some stuff before I got to play with my new fabrics and ribbons and it was really unpleasant. I seriously don't like to be forced into anything. I wonder what it's all about. If it was about a friend I would be able to say what's wrong, but when it's too close (me) I can't figure it out. Oh, well! I finally got the task done and was able . God! I have to go! I have 13 minutes to be at school!!