tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

Pinkkis Factory

We've had quite a lot of renovation going on in our house recently. We've redecorated the kids room walls and all of our old floors, except for one room. And that one room is my Pinkkis Factory. I think our house is starting to look the way it's supposed to and it feels really nice. Of course all of the walls downstairs are really crappy, but we're so used to it so it doesn't bother us that much.

But back to the Factory. Now that everything else is starting to look a lot nicer, and after my husband moved his computer downstairs (we used to share a room), and after I gave his old desk to my son, my room started to look really awful. I'd post pictures if I wasn't so embarrased.

I didn't even feel like doing anything in there, 'cuz it was such a sad, messy place. But then few days ago I decided to do something about it! Hubby helped me to move the heavy furniture back and forth (I just couldn't decide! So many options!). Finally  I got it all settled so I could start the annoying/lovely part - putting everything in its place. I'm still kind of working on that. But I got a really good start. I'd say 90% of everything is in their own place now and I got a lot sorted out as well.

So now I just can't wait to go upstairs to either sew, cut some Barbie dolls into pieces or play with my lovely dolls!

Here are pictures of the new, improved Factory!

Crafting desk, now facing the window. I'll definitely get a new mat (pink from Fiskars) for the desk.


Sewing desk

Sewing corner. Will add some pictures or something to the wall.
Details. Above craft desk.
Framed postcard from the amazing Mab Graves. If I just could find more of these frames I could frame the two other postcards I have from the Dolly Collector series.
Old Lego animals that I collect.
Just some misc. toys and stuff.
My Hello Kitty plush collection
Some of my collections (I collect pretty much everything)

Hello Kitty and some other plush toys I also like, plus my one and only Monster High doll. I do NOT collect other dolls other than Blythe. So I do not collect MH's, Barbies or anything else. Sometimes I forget and buy them anyways : / .
I've sewn a lot of the new fabrics I got before Xmas, and I have some pictures to show you!  I've also made some new earrings and have plans for new stuff so I guess I could say I'm having a very good phase with Pinkkis right now. I've also asked that main squeeze guy if we could re-open my Pinkkis store on Etsy. Madeby, where I have a small store is completely dead, has been for ages. So I'd be more than happy to move back to Etsy. It's just that the competition is so hard there! But at least it's not dead!

Okay, here are some more pictures and then I want to go create something!

I hope you enjoyed them!