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Doll Madness

I know the few posts I've written have been quite serious. And I do have my serious side, but that's not all that I am -- there's also the crazy side. The part that LOVES plastic. The prettier-shaped the better. And Blythe dolls are at the top of the Pretty Plastic Objects list.

I got my first Blythe just twenty months ago. I had already made her small "apartment," and now just needed to have a doll to live there. So when I saw this red-haired cutie in a toyshop in Tokyo, I knew she was the one. I took her out of the box, took few picture, cut her hair, put her on a shelf and kind of forgot all about her.

Bambi, Simply Bubble Boom

Weeks passed, and then I felt like playing with her a little. I put her in her apartment and played with the string that was attached to her. And boom! Her eyes changed! She was now gazing sideways with totally new eye color! I didn't know they did that! I tried to ask the Japanese woman who worked at the toy store about the eyes, but she kept saying no, so I thought I couldn't get one that was gazing sideways (when Blythe is looking straight, she looks a bit blank; but sideways -- a whole new ballgame!). I don't know why this was so important, but somehow it changed the whole thing. I was hooked. I couldn't help but take her to work, since I just had to show this miraculous doll to everyone.

Bambi's home and a candy store

And I had to get more. So I placed my very first (but not last!) doll order online. Mimi came from Osaka, if I remember it correctly. I also started looking for old Bratz clothing and got seriously into Re-ment miniatures (I had tons, way before I acquired my first doll.) So it wasn't just about collecting dolls (well, having two dolls isn't a collection anyway)s, but about photography, sewing, building miniature rooms. Later on came connecting with other like-minded people.

Mimi and her home
So now I had two dolls and was really into working on their "apartments." I kept ordering more and more Japanese dollhouse furniture, and also made my husband build me bunk-beds. Soon I needed more beds, since the doll bug had really bitten me. I ordered twins, Nicky and Vicky. And then I got my "special" girl, Lola, a.k.a. Ribbonetta Wish, made for Hello Kitty's 35th birthday! (I also love Hello Kitty -- the reason I got hooked on everything Japanese). She was supposed to be my last doll. For a second I felt the family was complete. I had five dolls, all of them very dear to me. And then I realized I could also buy used dolls. So I bought three used dolls just like that (for the sake of enviroment).

My eleventh doll was a "mistake." She wasn't all that charming and special and somehow kind of broke the charm. I didn't feel like buying anymore dolls, since their house was way too crowded anyways. At that time I thought it was very important that all girls actually had their own beds and spots around the kitchen table. And that made the whole dollhouse a one big mess. So I put them aside.

Months went by. I kept thinking I should do something for them, but there was so much going on and I didn't feel like taking them out... until a blog reader asked for pics of my dolls. BOOM. I was hooked again. And this time it was really bad. With in six weeks I was the proud owner or seven new dolls and tons of new clothes, miniatures, shoes, etc. I tried to keep it all a secret to my husband, who wasn't very supportive about my insane hobby, but then I started feeling sick every time the mail came. I was worried that something would arrvive and he'd see it and complain. New dolls and clothes didn't make me happy anymore. Just the opposite. So I had to tell him all about my dolls, how many where there and how much they mean to me. I know he still doesn't like them at all. And that's not what I was asking for, either. But now he understands they make me happy and what makes me happy makes him happy :).

Recently I've noticed the insanity around dolls have been fading away. I still do organize their apartments. I'm planning on making new clothes, but I don't really spend money on them. Except for one big exception. I finally was able to buy my "Holy Grail", Margo Unique Girl. Can't wait for her to come home!

Will it be a complete family now? Time will tell.
Have an insanely dollfully happy week!


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