torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

Pinkkis Etsy Store!

Ladies and gentleman, it's here! My PINKKIS Etsy store is back in business! And you are among the first people in the world to hear about it! Woohoo!

***Pinkkis on Etsy*** Check it out! My husband has done a great job picturing the uniqueness of my creations! Hopefully a lot of people will find my store, and most of all will like what they see and maybe even purchase something!

Please help spread the word: share pictures of my jewelry (and eventually pouches) and link to my store on your blogs, Facebook pages and where ever else :). All help is highly appreciated! Etsy is a huge place and my store is still a tiny place, so I need you :).

I'm not sure if I have even shared pictures of my newest creations yet. I have gotten really into making miniature scenes in pendants. I think they are just amazing!

So far all of my information and thank-you notes are in Finnish, so I need to work on those, too. But that's something I really like doing paper: crafts, adding stickers and stamps, etc :)

Hubby and I went to the post office to check all the shipping options and prices. What a bummer! Finland is a much more expensive country to ship from. Hopefully that won't scare customers away!

Yesterday I ordered some new fabrics, even though I don't really need more, but there were so many cute ones I just couldn't resist. And I'm running out of Blythe fabric. Too bad I'm also running out of zippers and don't feel like ordering more right now. I'm trying to leave it to when we go to the States and order them to my mother-in-law's in order to save on shipping. We'll see. I also ordered some stickers, which is super silly. But I want to be able to add something cute to all of the packages and letters I send out. And I was running out of stickers. So it was okay. And they were rather cheap.

Dollhouse's getting a lot better, too! Pictures? You bet!

Okey dokey, gotta go! Take care!



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