lauantai 23. marraskuuta 2013

10 facts about me

There was this fact-thing going on on Facebook. I wasn't tagged (I'm not that popular - LOL!!) but since one of my favorite things about my life is about being me, I wanted to share some facts about me. I tried to check if I had written about that (about me!) earlier, but lost interest around April so I'm not really sure if it's there or not. But even if it is, I'm sure the facts would be at least slightly different this time. So I hope you don't mind in case I'm repeating myself.

These are not in any particular order.

1. My middle name is Kirsikka, which means Cherry in English. It wasn't given to me as a baby by my parents, I actually (officially) added it myself when I was old enough to do so. Reason: I was/am able to knot a cherry stem in my mouth.
2. It takes me at least an hour to eat my breakfast. It's gotten really bad. The first 30 minutes I don't even eat anything. I just can't get myself started. I don't have this "problem" if I'm having bread for breakfast. Only with raw porridge.
3. Often in the morning, when I'm not like really woken up, but neither in sleep anymore I wonder where I am. And I'm trying to figure out which way I am in the bed, without opening my eyes. Like honestly sometimes I think I'm still at my childhood home.
4. My pinky nail is twice as long as my other nails. I left it long after cutting all others short. It'm my secret tool. And actually it's quite damn useful. And it's getting so long I sometimes secretly admire its bird-like clawness.
5. Ever since the first Sherlock Holmes movie it's been the movie series I've anticipated the most. Like some people wait for sequels for Hobbits, others Harry Potter. I wait for Sherlock Holmes. It wasn't even my fave movie, but uh.. .dunno.
6. I often think what kind of idea/image people would get from me if I died now and they would go through my stuff.
7. I've created for myself a "thing" that makes it impossible to answer phone calls from unknown numbers...
8. There are five female pheasants in my back yard right now.
9. Often when I see my hubby heading to the bathroom I get the urge to rush in before him. I have no idea why.
10. I get a bit too excited and go to extremes a bit too often. Sometimes I wish I could be the person who stays in the middle of the road, but then again - I'v e tried that (w/the help of medication) and it wasn't any fun. Or at least it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. So I rather go from side to side.


Some new dolls:
The one on the left is new. Red Delicious. Doesn't have a name yet. Has to be something juicy and moist.

Momoko! Bought her from a friend. She doesn't have  name yet. The doll. Friend has a name.
Not here yet, but paid and on her way :) Amazingly cute, eh?

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  1. Same with my brekkie (except for coffee). And