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Let's talk about dolls!

Nothing much going on in the real life -- so I'll talk you about dolls. :)

Margo Unique Girl, my first "dream girl"
I had a few-months break from them, but now I'm back, or they are. With a venegeance! The Blythe company just released a new translucent "Dream Girl" with pink hair, and I managed to get one! I still need to wait a couple weeks before she's here, but the toughest part is now done: getting through all of the masses that wanted to get her at the exact same time. She was sold out in less than an hour, I think. That's what the translucent skin does. I really think they are the most beautiful dolls in the world! And they are the ones that will cost fortunes within a year. During my last break they released "Margo Unique Girl," and I didn't see her until months later, but I was completely sold -- she was pure magic! And the prices were three to four times higher than the original price. I managed to get one anyways. And now she's valued even higher than that. :)

not my pic! Blythe body on right, the body I ordered 2nd from left
So now I'm back into dolls, but I do have a small problem: my dollhouse is done and I don't want to start making clothes for them, so I don't really know what to do with them! For some reason (I think it's because of the new Flickr) I don't feel like taking pics of them that much either. So what to do with my precious dolls?

As a resolution I bought a Pure Neemo body for my "youngest" girl. At least now taking pictures is a lot more fun because I can pose her the way Blythe body never could. So there's a lot more variety on that! Too bad the body doesn't hold the heave head that well.

Nana's new body
I've also ordered few new clothes for my girls, and am waiting for a trade I made with amazing Eurotrash. I sent her, with a help of a travelling friend, a bunch of pouches for nappies and such, two vegan cook books, and a pouch that was made specially for her. I can't remember if it said Eurotrash on one side, but the other side said: One crafty bitch, and it had embroidered craft-related fabric patches on it. And I've heard that she liked everything and is now looking for materials to make me something special! Sooooo exciting!! Can't wait!!

I've taken some pics of the dollhouse, the way it is right now. I like to look at the old pictures of it and compare it to what it is now. Hopefully one day Ill be able to compare today's (last week's actually) pictures to something I'll take in the future, meaning hopefully there's still more to do with the house. Hubby and I are planning (okay, I'm planning and doing my best to get him on board) to make a smaller, more portable dollhouse. Just two rooms, attic and a porch. If you've seen Camp Ground cottages on Martha's Vineyard, you know what I'm talking about. I'm thinking of making The Pink House in 1:6 scale. :) Quite ambitious!
Hello! I can wave my hand!

A week ago we rode our bikes to the city, and I'm planning to do it again today. Last week we went to a huge fleamarket, but I didn't get that much. Nothing really worth mentioning, except for my two new Tamagotchis! At first I was: Yay!!! And now I'm: blah! They are so much work! I gave one of them to my daughter, but she left it here, on purpose when she left for her father's. And now I'm trying to keep them alive and happy.

Today I'm hoping to go not to the fleamarket butto the city to get some scrapbook supplies. I'm really running out! I'm so bummed that I wasn't into scrapbooking when we were at the States a month ago. I could've bought so much more interesting stuff. Compared to the States we have pretty much nothing here. Or we do have plenty, but it's just so boring. I don't know why I don't order it online. We have a few really great online stores, but I never seem to order from them. And they are located so far away that I can't really go there. The only time I can buy from them is at scrapbook fairs. And that's like once or twice  a year. Woohoo.

Look! How relaxed!
So yes, I'm also into scrapbooking again. I'm even scrapping at home, which I haven't done in years! I'm almost done with the year 2012, which means soon I can do fresh pictures!! Yay!
Salli, first Tama
AAAAAA, pink tama! (I didn't name him!)

Lempi, daughters tama

Kat working at the Super Sweet Store
 xoxo, Raisa
Bambi baking something yummy

Nuppu with nail clippers
I just love to park a small car!

Nuppy with a reflection

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