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Golden wedding and bunch of other stuff

Hello! It's me, your lazy blogger! Oh, well! I'm not really that lazy at all. I write a lot on my Finnish blog, but this second-language blog is totally different from that. This morning (I'm usually at my smartest in the mornings, before I get out of bed) I probably came up with the reason why I don't blog more often. It's because of the language. :) No kidding?! Because it's not my native language I tend to make grammar errors (a lot) and some typos. Which is kind of funny, since my Finnish blog is full of typos and maybe even bad grammar. But I couldn't care less. (Not really true, but I like to say that.) And for some reason when I write in English these matter a lot. Everybody who reads my blog in Finnish knows I know the language inside and out, but typos and bad grammar in English might make you believe my skills in English are poor. And I don't want that! And my husband is, for some reason, very sensitive to this. He's a writer and an editor, so proper English is very important to him. That's why he wants my blog to be a free-of-bad-language-zone. Uh... where was I? Husband... Ryan Gosling... no, husband! So, hubby wants to edit my blog posts, to make it more enjoyable for you guys. But that makes me feel like I need his approval for my posts. And I'm not a writer. I blog about silly stuff with my silly "voice." How could he approve that?

So there was the reason for these far apart posts. I even lost a reader during the gap. :(

I didn't wear these shoes to the wedding! just to get there!
Anyways, to the golden wedding! We were invited to a friend's wedding party. It was held after the ceremony, I guess there wasn't any ceremony, just the "thing" with a few witnesses and then few days later the party. I'm not sure if you got the idea of me being very bad with clothes, proper dress code and all that. If you did, you were correct. I'm bad. I like colorful stuff mixed with more colorful stuff. That's my thing. :) So if an event has a dress code it means big problems for me. What is proper way to dress for a fancy-pants wedding? I was supposed to buy a dress from the States, but then I didn't want to do it. I thought of renting one here in Finland. I didn't have to do that either since I accidently found a dress I liked a lot while shopping for school clothes for my daughter. So yes, I found my fancy dress in the kids section... :) I showed the dress to a sales clerk and asked her if that would be a proper thing to wear at a wedding party. I also said that people don't expect that much from me. She said it would be okay.

Later on I showed the dress to a friend of mine and she said: "Black? To a wedding?" Oh no! Was there a rule to not to a wear black to a wedding? Yikes! So after that I started feeling uncomfortable about my dress. And I knew for sure that at least most people attending to the party would be wearing perfect outfits. So I was really selfconcious, and that effected my mood a lot. Bummer!

Anyways I got my hair and make up done by an ex-professional and I didn't feel that bad after that. But the closer we got to the restaurant where the wedding was held the more worried I got. I was sure we'd ruin the party with our silly clothes. But once we got there all worries were wiped away! The bride was so amazingly beautiful with her golden Valentino dress and huge ring that that was all that people were able to look at! Just stunning! Once I got my eyes off of the beautiful couple I notice that at least four other women were wearing black! Yay! And I even got some compliments on my dress and hair! Superb!

It was super fancy wedding, with some of the most amazing foods. And yes, for us and two other people there was an amazingly yummy five course vegan menu. We ate for hours. Which was so fun, I never ever eat for hours. I'm always too eager to get to the next meal, so it usually takes 30 minutes at the most. But since it wasn't up to us we got to enjoy for so long!

This wasn't the traditional Finnish wedding. The common way to get married in Finland would be church with lots of old people and the silly white dress, then some rented party venue with not so great food, maybe even paper plates, and tons of booze. Somebody would end up insulting the bride's parents, puking all over, passing out and so on... and it would take the whole day and cost enormous amounts of money. I'm sure this couple used a lot of money, too. But they did it with style. :) In my close ring of friends we've had three weddings, I think. First was 15 years ago (wow!), and then three years ago was mine, and now this. They've all been so different, but somehow they've all had something in common. They've all looked just like us. They have been clearly OUR weddings. Oh boy, maybe I shouldn't even tell you this, but our budget was 5 k's and I spent half of it on my MLP sleeve!! And yet we managed to get the most amazing wedding ever. I guess we just are that cheap. ;)

I honestly don't understand why to put tons and tons of money on one day. If the day doesn't look like you. If it's a copy of all the weddings before. Well, what ever makes you happy :) At least you get nice pictures. :)

Last night we went to watch Kick-ass 2. It was fun, but not special. Lot of funny violence. Which is fun as long as it's not, you know, aggressive violence. As long as it's a kind of a joke it's okay. And also Dexter kind of bloody pulp violence is okay, too. I really can't tell what's the difference with good and bad violence, I mean funny and disgusting, but there definatley is something. I missed part of the movie because my mind was set on this amazing doll that has my name on it. The second Takara Blythe ever made! Mondarian. I've been drooling over All gold in one/Goldie, but with no luck -- I've lost her twice already. But then this beauty suddenly appeared on Dolly Adoption and like a siren she was calling my name and since the price was incredible there was nothing I could've done differently. She now belongs to me :) (sorry mister hubbyman). She's a true beauty. It takes a while to get adjusted to BL beauty. A year ago I didn't understand people who were obsessed over these silly looking dolls. I only liked the "pretty" ones. RBL's. I didn't even like Kenners at all! Now I do :) I have one BL, Kozy Kape and she's one of the most amazing dolls there is. When hubby saw it he said: What an ugly doll. Poor Polly! Fortunately I was covering her ears so she didn't hear what papa said.

Polly (BL) on the right hand corner)
Other doll stuff: I've been sewing a lot! Some nice and some awful and even some great clothes. But what matters the most: I've been sewing! And even some more complicated pieces, not just the same old stuff. I'm so proud of me. So far I've liked it a lot. And I've saved a lot of money, too! Maybe I wouldn't have paid for some of the things, but some of them definately. And I'm getting better!! Yay for me! Yay for sewing! Yay for dolls!

Enough! Gotta sew some more! Before it's time to save the animals again! Tomorrow is yet another Restaurant Day and Animalia (the organization I volunteer for) is having Animal Friendly Cafe. I've promised to help to day with the cooking and baking and tomorrow the whole day with doing the dishes and frying veggie burgers. Yay for animals!



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