keskiviikko 19. helmikuuta 2014

One Month Project: Organize Tehdas, Day Two

It's actually day three, but since I'm writing about day two then why not name the post according to that?

Like I said yesterday, I'm sick. And that sucks. I can work full speed for a couple hours and then I'm done for the rest of the day. I also walked to a thrift store, which didn't help either. But I bought a super awesome letterpress printer's tray. Like the one in the picture. Mine is huge, with tons of different size compartments, and it's painted blue. When I saw it I decided I wouldn't pay more than 20 euros, and then I saw the price tag and yelped a bit -- FOUR euros!! I also bought really cool deer sweater, for 3.5 euros. :D

I know it would be nice to share pictures, but I've lost my camera! I mean it's not gone, but it's buried somewhere in piles of crap at Tehdas... not funny! The room is an awful mess at the moment. It has never, ever been this bad. But! I have almost all of my fabrics neatly organized not by colors, but by use. Now I have all of my fabrics in three places: two closets, one for cotton and one for the bulky fur and fleece; the third place is an old pull out box that was meant for wood (to heat the house). Now it stores the fabrics I don't really use, but you'll never know when they might come in handy... and also all of my stuffing. I'm planning to make more decorational pillows for our living room, and stuff the pillows with all the clippings from Tehdas. And there are a lot!

I've been focusing on the fabric storage, but also cleaned and decluttered other places as well. At the moment I have piles everywhere, and even the piles have other piles on top of them!

Today I have to clear off my work space. I have to get back to sewing! I have to! And also I want to. I've had customers asking for new animal shaped Sleepsacks and I absolutely love trying to figure out how to make them work! Which is kind of weird, since I'm not big fan of solving problems and learning by "trial and error." But this is fun. Until I encounter the first animal that I can't recreate as a Sleepsack. :)

It's Wednesday! Yay! Enjoy it!


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