lauantai 22. helmikuuta 2014

Still working on my One Month Project :), Day 5 (spell checked, safe for Finnish Rock Stars and alike to read)

Huge Celebration! Pinkkis has 300 sales on Etsy!! What do you think of that? I think it's amazing!

I've had that store up for years. I think I started in 2008, but I'm not sure. The sales were so slow and it was quite frustrating, so I focused on Finnish markets only. I emptied the whole Etsy store for years. Until the online store in Finland had some major changes. Then me and my hubby decided to try Etsy again. And I'm glad we did. :D

However, I don't want to celebrate alone! I want you guys to have some fun too!! I'm feeling really generous so I'm giving you a coupon code for 30% off of your next order! That's an awesome sale, I think!! This offer is valid until Monday 24th of February. The code is PINKKIS300. It's never too early for Christmas shopping. ;)

Enough of that!

My organizing project is going great! Last night I calculated that I should be done in two weeks... hmm... what should I do with the rest of the time? Or maybe I shouldn't be this effective. Maybe I should take baby steps?

Yesterday my main project was the small blue shelf. It took quite a lot of time to get it right, but I'm pretty happy the way it is now. :)

I also gave one of my tiny display sortcases (god! what are they called? the wooden thing on the wall with lots of small items in it?) to C and replaced it with bigger one that was hidden behind a door. I'm so happy to have San (Princess Mononoke) where I can see her. She was a bit too tall to fit on my other display cases, so she had to be on the one that was placed behind the door. Not that it's a lot better place. (I'm sorry I'm talking about it since you can't see it from the picture.)

And behind the door I placed two Pippi Longstocking collector plates. I'll take pictures when the whole thing is done.

Last night I got bitten by a sewing bug and I didn't feel like stopping at all. But sometimes Mr. C is quite persistent... so I had to come downstairs to help him cook. And then we watched the last episode of Sherlock Holmes and also the Wikileak movie. For dinner we had popcorn and smoothies... (kids are with their father). But as soon as I'm done with this post and then one email, I'll rush back upstairs to finish what I've started. I'll give you a hint in Japanese: Tonari no Totoro. ;)

For today I have decided to clean up my sewing area. It doesn't require that much organizing, mostly just dusting. All those small Japanese figurines on the wall...

Off she goes! Bye! Stay sweet!


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  1. Looks great! I think the word you are looking for is nick nack shelf? Google and see pics! Happy Sewing!

    1. Thank you so much!!
      And yes, I googled that and got tons of hits! Now I want more nick nack shelves! Lol!
      Thank you for your comment! <3