keskiviikko 2. huhtikuuta 2014

Advice/opinion needed!!

This is completely theoretical question...or not.

Lets say I have a son who's a teenager. We get along well, but only if I don't mind little annoying things he occationally says, like "Shut up", "Stupid mom" and so on. Nothing major, but bad behavior anyway, and something I wouldn't want my kids to say to me or anybody else. If I let it go, he'd let it go, too and soon he'd be saying things I like to hear, like "Good night, mom" or "I love you, mom". But if I get mad at him for calling me stupid he'd get mad, too and this could go on for days. In this theoretical situation we would both be very (read extremely!) stubborn. And we would end up both saying things that should not be said outloud. 

Life's a lot easier if I let little things just pass unnoticed. But I don't want my son to think it's okay to say Shut your face! to anybody, specially to a grown up. To his mother!

If this was the case in our family, what do you think I should do? Just let it go and wait if it gets any worse, or get stuck in every little word he says that I don't like and start a small war?

(You guessed it right, I'm really talking about me and my son.)

I have been extremely lazy with sewing lately, I've decided to finish at least two sleepsacks and two bags I've never made before, so I better get to work!! But before I go I want to tell you what I did yesterday!!!

A friend of mine had invited me to her work place since they have all these incredible machinery there, like vinyl cutter and 3D printer. With the vinyl cutter you can cut images to be pressed on fabric! I've probably mentioned about how important fabric and everything related to fabric is to me. I really love it! Fabric printing is something I'd love to do, but I really don't know how to achieve a good quality results, fast enough. I'm used to making stencils, but they take forever and the risk of ruining the fabric you are working is too big: the paint leaks under the stencil and ruins your work way too often. And cutting the stencil is a pain in the butt!!

But with the vinyl cutter you let the machine do most of the work!! Wohoo!! You only need to pick off the pieces you don't want to print on your fabric. And the vinyl stuff is so amazing, the colors are great, it feels good, not plastic-y at all, or maybe just a teeny tiny bit, but not bad at all.

So, I was printing some simple images yesterday at Kaupunkiverstas. I had some unfinished pieces of fabric with me (our old table cloths from our wedding :) and a memory stick with couple images. I will post more about this once I get the bags finished, now I'll just show you the result of the printing. I was supposed to be there two hours, but ran out of time so we booked me another two hours :) It was so much fun!! Now I can't wait to go there again, with more ideas to print!

I made two of these Candy vs. Animals, and bunch of Blythe con Europe bags, for customers who buy two or more sleepsacks! 

Of course I had to stop by at fabric store. Look what I found!! Cute! And so weird! I even dreamed about some of the characters (a nightmare).

Bye!! Don't forget to leave your opinion/advice on my problem!!


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  1. We are not there yet. However, I commend your bravery to ask. Proverbs says, a kind word turns away wrath. Often when I am in a tiff with our 9 year old he tends to have a pity party. M and I decided to to not feed it with talk back. He needs space, and usually comes arounds and confesses his wrong. Another thing you might want to consider is how his father relates and talks about you. M has done a pretty good job in teaching respect toward women. We do not want to be passive on this nor be on his heels about every tiff. If he is still saying he loves you, treasure those moments. Perhaps before your blood pressure rises you can say you love him anyway...because you do. :)

  2. Grr! I left a really long response and then hit the wrong key and the comment disappeared!
    To make it short: Thank you! I think you are right! I got some advices on FB, as well and some of those were about not letting him talk to me that way, but we've tried that.
    Somebody adviced me to talk to him about this when we're having a good moment, so I did. And after that I follwed my husband's advice (big mistake!) and said there'll be a punishment the next time he says I'm stupid or tells me to shut up, and that really upset him. This might sound weird, or even offensive but I think dogs and kids should be trained the same way, by rewarding them, not by punishment!

    Thank you!