keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2014


Hello all! Konnitchiwa minna-san!

Greetings from Japan! I had amazing vacation! Very busy, very well organized. Maybe too busy, you might think. And I wonder if that's true. At times I felt like I have to stop. I have to breath in and then breath out. Relax. Live in the moment. But then again, I was too busy for that! Too many places to explore. Too many stores to go to. Too many people to see. Too much everything to have time to stop. And I loved it! Every
second of it.

Tokyo Guide Before

Tokyo Guide After
The controlled chaos. I don't think I'd enjoy chaos in India, or in China, or in any other Asian country. Other than Japan where it's strictly controlled and organized. Japan or should I say Tokyo is like me. There's chaos, there has to be because there's so much of everything, but it's also very controlled. In the case of Tokyo the control comes from outside, in the form of laws and regulations, in my case it comes from the inside. My own laws control me.

Oh, man! That's not what I want to talk about! Sorry!

The trip! That's what I want to talk about! It was all I wanted and a lot more! I was a bit lonely, though. Kind of strange, since I like to travel alone, I'm very used to it. I really needed somebody to slow me down a bit. (I'm talking about my husband, I really wanted him to be there even though I knew he would've hated it. Almost everything about it. My birthday was the worst. I even cried a bit! Lol. Silly me. I wanted to wear "Birthday Girl" pin on my chest but I couldn't find on on time. (the next day I saw one!)

Since I've been there so many times before I could skip all the tourist stuff and focus on the stuff I really wanted to do. I did go to Asakusa, though. To take pictures. And for the first time I saw cherry blossoms in Japan! The season was almost over, actually all the flowers were gone before I left so my timing was really good!

I ate well, in my own room. So strange, but that's the way I chose to do it. I ate out four times. It was a lot of fun and it was a lot of work. To locate the places I knew would be vegan or vegan friendly. Two of these places I've been to many times before, and  one of them was new to me. And that became my favorite. Deva Deva Cafe. I ate Teriyaki "Chicken" burger and a slice of cake. 

Deva Deva Cafe

Brown Rice Cafe 

I did a lot (and I mean a LOT!) of shopping. I bought fabric, dolls, toys, washi tape, stickers, books, kitchen stuff to name some.

Day 2, Nippori/Textile  Town/Paradise

Birthday presents

Nakano! Another kind of paradise!

I liked it a lot! I went to small art galleries, Studio Ghibli Museum, craft shops, big stores, small stores, stores that sell used items, stores that sell brand new items, I went to shrines, and I got lost every day many times. I walked holes on my socks and I talked Japanese!! So proud of my self about that! Not much and definitely nothing complicated.

I had two full suitcases to bring back home, it was a bit of a nightmare to get all that stuff to the airport, but I managed to do that. I kept dropping a Blythe helmet and people had to help me to pick it up, two or three times but other than that it was pretty okay.

I was really happy to go home, I had done everything I wanted, I was broke and eager to see my family.

On my first morning here we celebrated my birthday, I got a laptop! :) I had asked for garden fork but I guess my hubby thought I needed a new laptop more than a garden tool.

I've been very jet lagged for a week and a half, but finally getting back to normal. Yay! 

Okay, need to go back to work. I've had very little time to sew, I've been sleeping a lot more than I usually do, I've been very tired all time, and I have this two-month course I need to participate,  6 hours a day, every day. :( So I really haven't been sewing that much at all. And last weekend I was at Tampere, scrapbooking. 

Take care!


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  1. Glad you ad fun and envious about you shoppings.. :D. There's a blog link up in my blog, go leave your link if you wish :) xxx