keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

Back in Business!

As you can see I finally put up a tab you can use to start following this blog! Yay! Actually I didn't realize it wasn't there. Oops! So click click! If you want to receive updates, you should start following. Me thinks. :D

I'm sure I've told this before, but I really like sewing. I don't like to sew complicated things, but I like sewing my pouches and occasionally something else, too. But recently it's been a bit annoying, since my sewing machine hasn't been working the way it should. I thought about taking it to the shop where I got it from, but don't really have the money for that. So I've been avoiding sewing as often as I could.

Until yesterday. I wanted to check if I could fix it myself. Doesn't sound good, huh? I opened up the poor thing, and it was filled with dust and lint. All over the place, and most of all, all over the place that hasn't been working properly. There was something like a thick mat of dust making it impossible for the poor thing to do what it was supposed to do.

So I took all that out, put all the right parts back in, closed the sweet machine and now it works like a charm!! Yay!! So I've been sewing! I was able to finish ALL of the pouches I had been working on for a very long time. And I started a bunch of new ones! Yay!!

Here's pictures of some of the stuff that I finished yesterday. I think the TMNT pouches are charming!! I got the fabric from a friend of mine, and it works great for pouches!

Not sure if I told you about the new interfacing I bought last Saturday, the really sturdy one? Anyways, I got some new stuff for that and I have to admit I hate to sew it. It's so thick it's really hard to work with. I mean it makes great pouches. The Blythe doll pouch is the first one I made and it came out great. But it's just too much work :( And it was way too expensive as well. So I'll be using the good ol' stuff again :) Which has been working well enough for my pouches so far. Of course, I'll use all of the new stuff I got, so there will be some more fighting between me and the fabric ;)

But at least now my machine works like a dream :D

Hopefully hubby's able to add some more stuff on Etsy today, so check that out in case you're into cute pouches like these!

Take care!



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