lauantai 9. maaliskuuta 2013

What a wonderful day!

I had super great day yesterday, so I'm in a super great mood today, as well :). A bit of a sad thing is that the greatness of yesterday came from consumerism. I got some amazing (super amazing! still very excited!) fabrics and made a decision to order more zippers. (I've been putting them off, to order to my mother-in-law's address to save a lot of money, so I'd get them when we are visiting them in the States next summer. But I really don't have any long zippers left and some of the fabrics I got are meant to be sewn into make up purses. So hell with saving money, I want my zippers! And I want them now! Or at least in couple of weeks!) Now I have about 250 zippers coming from the States :) I also love zippers! They are so pretty! But only in huge quantities. One or two won't float my boat.

The two fabrics (that are spread out the most in the photo) are waterproof, so they will be perfect for make-up pouches. I was also thinking about making some sort of lunch pockets out of them. Somebody once showed me a small purse like that and said it's really handy. It's like a re-usable plastic bag for sandwiches and such. And very pretty, too. I mean mine would be if they were made out of such beautiful fabrics. The fabric at the bottom if all about Sanrio characters and the other one is sea themed. I <3 them both! I love octopi and this one has very pretty ones!

I've also made a lot of new jewelry. Still not sure if they are going to work out, but so far so good!  Do you see anything you'd like?

I don't know if it's the increased sunshine or what, but I've noticed some sort of growing interest in clothes. Which is very dangerous. I don't want to start shopping for clothes, especially online! Fleamarkets and thrift stores are ok (environmentally and financially), but online stores, not at all! And it's the on-line stores I'm after! Last week I found an amazing dress and just now I found super cool leggings. Here's picture of the one I might have a chance of getting, thanks to my up-coming birthday and generous hubby! <3 Hubby, who's also know of being my style police said the leggings would be cool on a boring person, but I'd be too wild for them. Hmph. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. But I guess I'm not thinking of buying them anymore. But the dress I still want, very much! I like dresses cuz they allow you to eat a lot without it showing! (hahhah!)

Hubby's cleaning, but I'm trying to get him to new fleamarket down the street. Hopefully they'll have good stuff there! Maybe some cool clothes... ;)

Okay, take care!!  Here's something to rest your eyes on. Don't get offended! ;)



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