maanantai 6. toukokuuta 2013

Party Season's Over!

After celebrating my son's birthday yesterday, I can happily announce that party season is over for now! Oh, no! It's not! Mothers Day has yet to be celebrated :/. Well, at least the birthdays for this spring are now in the past and I can focus on other things.

Don't get me wrong, I love parties. I love planning them, I love having people over and I love gifts :). But it's just so much work and it's also quite expensive.

My son's birthday was actually last Thursday, but he was at his father's then and when he came home there was just too much stuff going on (soccer tournament and my Blythe meet), so we decided to dedicate Sunday for celebrating. My hubby brought this very special birthday tradition to our family. It means we cook all of the meals based on what ever the bd boy/girl wants. And we are super nice to that person, too. If he/she wants to watch a movie, then the whole family watches a movie. Same thing with games and such. So much fun! I wish it was my birthday every day!

So my 14 year old son wanted to have scrambled tofu and fried spicy tofu and bread + juice for breakfast, tofu-noodles for lunch (this didn't work out because he went to the movies and ate crap there) and for dinner he chose to have seitan steaks, creamy sauce and fries + Coke. And for his guests he wanted to have pb+jelly bars, which he helped me bake. We didn't have a party for his friends; instead he took one of his friends to the movies, but my dad, brother and his girlfriend and my son's godmother paid him a visit. It was fun! And he seemed happy :) even though he didn't like the movie we watched: The Royal Tenenbaums. He said it was too weird.

On Saturday I went over a friend's for a Blythe meet there :). It was so much fun, not so much because of the dolls (I guess we are having a bit of a break from the dolls right now), but the company and my friend's toys! You don't often get to go over a friend's house and go through their toys, but we did! I love having toy crazy friends. I even got one set of Re-ments for my dollhouse!! Yay!!

But seriously, it's funny how many of my "new" friends are into toys, like the people whom I've met over the last two years. More than half of them are crazy about toys. Usually it's vintage toys or Blythe, but I do have one friend who likes pretty much all toys. Well, not all, but her range of likeable toys is a lot wider from all of the others. And we also like stickers and stationery, and pens and erasers. So silly, but oh so much fun! And the great thing is, that I'm not alone with this silliness! At my bithday party few weeks ago the majority still wasn't into toys and stickers, but us silly people were only one or two behind!

There was one other great thing about meeting my dolly friends on Saturday -- I got sewing inspiration from her kitchen placemats! And now I've cut pretty much all of my fabrics into placemats! Unfortunately I ran out of thick interfacing that would've been great for them :( but I had enough for few. I've already made a really cute hot pad and now I can't wait to make more!

Oh, well! I have some sewing to do!

Have a sunny and amazing Monday!


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