torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Gimme some more color, please!

Hello readers!

I don't follow fashion, nor trends. But I do follow the front page on Etsy, and as far as I can remember it has been so pale, so tame, so grown-up and lifeless. Where's all the color? Is this because of the hipsters? Is it cool to be tranquil and calm and all that? If that's the mainstream, is there still room for crazy color combos, silly animal pictures and glitter? Isn't summer suppose to affect the way people dress? Isn't summer suppose to bring out colorful clothes and showy jewelry? What happened this year? Is it because of the recession? Goddammit, will I ever be trendy again?

It's so weird when you realize that even if your whole world is like this, it's not that for everyone else. The way you see the world isn't the way everyone else sees it. I don't understand why, day after day and week after week, the Etsy front page is like that. I don't understand why on earth the most succesful blogs are about food and fashion. I don't understand why the whole world is not vegan. I don't understand why people buy puppies from breeders when there are countless numbers of dogs waiting for a better life in shelters all around the world. I don't understand why not everyone isn't into Blythe dolls. I don't understand why Chocolove's Almond's and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate isn't sold here in Finland. I just don't get it. Why are you so different from me? Why don't you think being funny is fun? You people are just so strange. I don't think I'll ever get you. *rolling my eyes*

Maybe I'm just way ahead of my time. :) Like I was with my obsession with Hello Kitty and Japan. Or even with skulls. Five or ten years ago they put skull prints on everything! And at first I was happy: finally I could have skulls on my kitchen sponge! But after the first wave of skulls/Hello Kitty I grew bored. It became too easy. Too mainstream.
(This didn't happen w/Japan though, I'm still obsessed. Just like every other person I know).

Maybe one day silly, girly jewelry and bright colors and childish prints will be on the front page of Etsy. Maybe my favorite bloggers will start blogging about their daily lives again. Meanwhile, I'll be lurking here in my bright pink corner. Just like the main character in the book Parfum, he turned into some critter and just waited for someone to walk by. Or something. Usually I never, ever remember any details from the books I read, so that's pretty damn good from someone like me. (Quite strange book, though. Read it.)

I need to read Kafka for my Finnish class. I was sure I'd hate it, but actually I like it a lot! So far it's been very easy to read and very interesting. We also need to read Kalevala. Not the whole saga, but parts of it. Ewww. I don't want to. I hate it when I have to read. I love reading, just don't force me to do it!

See ya!



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