perjantai 17. toukokuuta 2013

The Beauty of Unfinished Things

I have decided to start liking unfinished things. To start looking for the beauty in them. I fucking hate unfinished things! In a way I carry them with me, all the work that needs to be done in/outside of the house, all my unfinished craft projects (PLENTY!), homework, plans for the future -- all that, I can feel it. But from now on I'll cherish them, or at least I'll do my best to ignore the weight of unfinished things on my shoulders.

I do have a tendency of leaving one thing behind and hopping to the next one and not even knowing where I left that thing. They kind of just fall out of my hands and land wherever. And I've always thought it's a bad, bad thing! Not anymore. I'll try to think of it as something to come back to. If I still feel like it. And I usually don't.

Life shouldn't be complete. Like if you collected something, maybe a series of something. You like doing that as long as there's something to search for. But after you've completed your collection, it's done. There's nothing more to do except for the occasional dusting. So you need to look for something else to keep you occupied. But if you never buy that final piece you can keep collecting forever. Beautiful!!

So yesterday, when I was about to finish a project I started maybe a year ago (you know, one of those things you keep pushing deeper and deeper into the closet, because you don't feel like doing it and seeing it would remind you of what a no-good person you are for not finishing what you've started. I had the work with me at school (uh, I know. Doesn't sound good, but it really helps me get through the boring classes and actually helps me to stay focused) and I was about to finish it. You know, the last stitch. And then I felt sad about it. So I left it like that -- waiting for the last stitch.

I've heard one group of crafters here in Finland even arranged a craft exhibition for its members unfinished crafts. And guess what? It was a huge success! So it's not just me!

Oh, well! I should go start something to leave unfinished!

Have a sunny and amazing weekend! I have so many things coming up I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and can't keep track of everything. But I'm sure everything will be left undone on time. ;) And I'll end up being in the wrong place at the correct time no matter what! So I'm just going to relax about it.

Oh, we were finally able to order the damn flight tickets to the States! Yay!! Now it feels real and worth celebrating!


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