torstai 20. maaliskuuta 2014

About eating locally.

Good morning!

Couple days ago I took the train to my home town, where my dad lives (also mom, brother and some friends). I got my now working car back home. It's not really a big thing, since we don't use the car that much. And now even less, because of the spring. Riding our bikes is so much more fun.

Well, on my way home I took a detour, just to get to this organic farm I adore. I needed hey and straw for the bunnies, and from there I could get it organic, cheap and what I like the most - in bales. Instead of buying small amount of it in a bag, I got food and play material for them for six months supply! The bunnies love the bales. I don't break them a part, I just put them in their room and they love hanging on top of them. Bunnies are so cute!

I also bought broad beans, peas, and all sorts of flour. And they were all grown on the fields around the farm. I absolutely love knowing where my food comes from! You can't beat that feeling! Once we were in a restaurant (they got their first Michelin star this year! Congrats Chef & Sommelier!) and they told us everything about where the food came from, how they waste very little, pick wild flowers/herb on their way to work and so on, and I loved it! Food should not be just something that comes from the store, wrapped in plastic! (Only Laura Palmer should come wrapped in plastic. ;)

The whole thing around food is just so weird. Why do we have to get our food as cheap, as easy and as fast as possible? Even if it meant hurting others (nature, people in less developed countries and animals) on the way. All the negative images, the bad stuff people don't want to know, or the producers don't want us to know, since it might affect on our actions which I doubt - we know, we just don't care. We think we can't afford it, we think we "can't" live without cheese/meat/crap, we think it's too difficult, we think it takes too much time, we think blah blah blah. And most people don't really give a shit. But back to the negative images, they are hidden behind what ever the ad people have created. They don't post pictures of bruised kids picking cocoa beans on the chocolate bar, the don't post pictures of polluted rivers and lakes on bags of flour and they definately don't post pictures of pigs that can't even turn in their cages on the pack of oh! so very hip and f**ing cool bacon! Oh, no - that might upset the hipsters.

Lol! Can you tell I got a bit carried away, writing about that is like pouring gasoline on a small fire...This was supposed to be happy, uplifting post! Not a guilty trip! Sorry!

The farm was amazing, even covered in snow. The couple who runs it were away, on a vacation (good for them!!) so there was this young man working and he was so friendly and sweet. He smelled heavily to fish, and that smell got stuck on my hay, too! And for a day the bunny room smelled like fish!! Hahaha!

I have tons to do, so I better start working! I hope you all have Tasty Thursday!


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