lauantai 15. maaliskuuta 2014


Good morning! I started my day like never before - I drank Sakura Sencha! So what's the big deal you might ask. Well, let me tell you!

For five years we used to have a small cafe called Manga Cafe. They served the best tea ever, Sakura Sencha. Green tea flavored with cherry blossom flavor. I don't usually like flavored green teas, I prefer the plain Japanese green tea. And genmaicha (lesser quality green tea with toasted rice - very yummy!). But at the cafe I was brave enough to try something new so I had my first cup of Sakura tea. And ever since I've been going to that cafe just to get the tea. I never tried any of their other flavors, always the same sakura. It was that good! (The cafe itself was very cozy, and they didn't have anythng vegan, and even their non-vegan treats were quite awful looking, not like freshly baked treats, but store-bought, ones that stay edible for ever). So, after five years they closed. And I no longer got to drink my favorite tea. I was stupid enough not to ask where they got their tea. But yesterday on my FB wall there was an ad for a teahouse called Thehouse. I contacted them, asking if they knew what was the Sakura Sencha I enjoyed so much - and it was that very same place where Manga Cafe bought their teas!! And now I have it at home!! Life couldn't be any sweeter!

I got so much done yesterday! I drove my broken car to my dad's, who'll get it fixed (perfect timing for that, it was still very nice spring day yesterday, and now there's tons of snow and more coming non-stop!). I had a massage, got to hang out with my mom, and dad also. Then I came back to Helsinki, bought my tea, bought fabric for an albino bat that was requested by a customer, I met bunch of friends to whom I had bunch of stuff to give to. We had lovely tea and even a vegan sandwich!! at a baby friendly cafe in the middle of the city. I was so surprised to hear they had a vegan option, and they even said it was vegan on purpose!! If you know what I mean.

And then finally after a long day I got home, to have my very first home brewed cup of Sakura Sencha. It was perfect! And it still is :) I'm very happy!

Yesterday, while meeting friends, I traded two of my cookbooks to two hand made notebooks. And now I'm in love! I had ordered one notebook for myself, and one for Mr. C. He got to decide what kind of he wanted, and of course I got to decide what kind I wanted. I wanted pink dots, and he wanted orange triangles.

They are made by super talented and very sweet Russian girl, named Sasha. She has cute store on Etsy, called PaperPlane Stationey. Sasha also has a blog! 

My notebook had the most amazing pages! They were made of three different types of paper (all leftovers from the printing house she works for - very eco friendly!), and every now and then there's a pink sheet! Love it!! The notebook I'm using at the moment for my To do lists is about to be full, so I'm very happy to have such an amazing replacement for it! Thank you so much, Sasha!

So much to do today! Sewing, cutting, drawing patterns and then later on we have 90's party! Not sure if I'll dress up or not, because of the weather...

Take care! What do you think of my new notbooks?


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  1. Aww thank you so much for mentioning me and my shop! I'm so happy you like the notebooks! I hope Mr. C. liked his too :)

    1. Yes, Mr. C liked his a lot!! You are so talented, Sasha!

  2. Awesome notebooks! Was great to see you and find a place with vegan sandwiches. :D

    1. Yes, indeed! Very nice to see you and the baby, too! :D

  3. I am so happy to know where to get the Sakura Sencha tea from Manga Cafe!!! Thanks Raisa, I was wondering the same. Indeed the only "vegan" thing that they had to eat was crazy looking Japanese candy that change colors :P I liked them thou.

    1. Oh! I missed that candy! Bummer! And I noticed I got the teahouse name wrong! It's not Thehouse, but théhuone!
      Have you gotten the tea yet? They also have a good collection of organic green teas! Haven't tried of those yet, only the sakura.