torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2014

Self pity post turned into something else.

I feel like poop. But enough about that! Lets focus on what I bought instead!

As you all know I'm going to Japan in
  • 2 246 400 seconds
  • 37 440 minutes
  • 624 hours
  • 26 days
  • 3 weeks (rounded down) 
And I''m pretty well prepared for the trip! I have bought tons of food (for three reasons: 1) eating out 3 to 5 times a day is damn expensive! 2) Eating out 3 to 5 times a day is quite a challenge for a vegan who does not speak the language! 3) Finding a restaurant that serves vegan food 3 to 5 times a day will take up a lot of time! I don't have a lot of time. I'll be too busy shopping! ), I've booked my extra suitcase, or room for one on the returning flight. And I've contacted three travle agencies to get a trip to Studio Ghibli. I still don't have it, but I'm waiting for a response from the most recent company I contacted. Keeping my fingers crossed! I really want to go! I've been there twice already, but I love the place. I love it even though I'm too old/big to play in the Catbus! :( 

I also have a small Smash Book album for the trip! And I have big plans to actually work on it during the trip. Somebody told me that won't work but I want to prove her wrong! It's different when you travel alone! I also have my travel journal, the same I've had for almost a decade! My first entry on that journal was written somewhere between Helsinki and London, on my first trip to Japan :D But! Last night I was reading my business book and it had a picture of a website, and on that picture there was a picture of a Bon Voyage Travel Journal from boygirlparty. And I wanted that journal!! So I went to Etsy looking for travel journals. Didin't see any I liked. Checked the boygirlparty site. Couldn't find the journal there either. Googled it. Found it! On Etsy and also on the actual website. Hmmm...I must've missed it.

Super expensive shipping, but I had to get the journal! And now you want to see the journal, right?

Picture taken form the boygirl Etsy site.
 Isn't it pretty! I love filling pre-printed stuff like that! I like doing things "right"! So yes, I ordered the journal and now I'm hopin it will be here before I leave.

Before all that I was in the city, dressed as a bunny. We had like handful of us, "terrorists"/animal activists, and we were raising awerness of animal tests, collecting money, handing out leaflets. The usual. I wear the bunny suit at all of our events, if appopriate. I hate to talk to people. Well, not really hate but I just don't get it if they don't get it. I honestly don't think there's any justification towards animal cruelty/abuse. Period. And if they don't agree I don't feel like explaining, I feel like -beep-! It got censored 'cause I'm also against violent toward people.So when I'm wearing the bunny suit people won't expect me to talk to them. Bunnies don't talk.

I rode my bike, total of 30+ km. :D I loved it, but was very tired when I got home. On my way home I went to the post office to pick up my latest purchase: More fabric! Yay! But unfortunately there was an error on my order I they sent me faux fur I have no use for, and I didn't get something I had ordered for. :(

You probably can't see it, but there's toy animal -like fur on top of the pile, the brown fabric. I want to make "moon bear" sleepsacks with that and donate all the profits to Animals Asia! The fur is really great, like I said it's more toy animal like, smoother that the fur I usally use for my sleepsacks.

Need to get something done! Did I tell about the dresses? I cut some patterns out two days ago, sewed some of them yesterday, not convinced yet, but getting closer! The pattern is nice, but need to find the parfect fabric for it! Sorry for all the bad grammar/spelling. Can't bother busy Mr C anymore with my silly stuff.

Bye! (ps. Talk to me. I like it!)


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