perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

The Project

I really didn't do anything about organizing the Tehdas yesterday. I tried to take off one of the racks, with no luck. It's stuck. And now I can close the cabinet doors and the door are blocking part of the window making the room darker that it actually is. Grrr! Need to ask hubby to do it for me. Grrr!

Yesterday really wasn't my day. I mean part of it wasn't. And part of it was. I found out that one of my dolls got totally smashed on her way to beauty parlor. The face is ruined. I know it's just piece of (expensive) plastic, but it feels really bad. She was one of my girls. And now she's gone. Luckily she wasn't one of my favorites, otherwise I wouldn't have sent her to a spa (to be customized) in the first place. But still. One of my girls. :(

 It really looks like the post office people have mistreated the package. I wrote to them but am still waiting for a response. The package wasn't insured, so I'm afraid there's nothing they are willing to do about this. It really sucks. That was a sturdy cardboard box and the doll was wrapped in bubble wrap. And they really don't break that easily. The dolls I mean.

Okay, enough of that! I didn't get a lot done yesterday, I think. But in a way it was a good day. I drew and cut a lot of patterns, even for the secret project. I should have more time to work on that over the weekend. And I have decided to actually finish it and just put it out there. Like it or not. It's nothing that special anyway. Now that time has passed I can have a better perspective of the whole thing. And it's not really that big of a deal at all. It used to be in my head. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm a bit "ding dong" in the head...Okay, so my big project is a line of doll clothes! Wohoo!! I know I might not be the first person you might think of when talking about fashion, but trust me - the style I have chosen for my line I'm very good at! And the style is....? Harajuku/Japanese street fashion! I can't make elegant or sweet, but I'm very good with crazy and colorful! :D So far I have thights, leg warmers, shorts and I'm working on shirt and some sort of a vest. And it will be sold as a set. I love sets! I also have planned another set with stockings, a dress, a bag, a necklace and also a vest. All in "Harajuku Style" :)

I'm struggling with the shirts. So far I've only used second hand fabrics, except for some of the thights. Maybe I should use the store bought fabric on the shirts as well, since it's kind of less stretchy. I might be easier to work with. Well, I cut few shirts yesterday, I'll sew those and decide after that. I also bought some iron on transfer sheets for printer, to make my own designs on the shirts. But so far I've pretty much used only printed fabrics. Sorry for babbling about this. I just wanted to share, and not to keep it as a secret anymore. :D

Okay, my sewing machine wants some attention. One more, two! more things! I rode my bike to the city yesterday. Approx. 15 km one way. First time this year. Mr C changed the tires to my bike and the summer tires were incredibly light to pedal. I loved it! I love riding my bike! There's quite a lot of dust out there at this time of the year, when all the sand is still on the ground, but other than that it was great. (also the sand makes it a bit dangerous, since it's so slippery.)

Also, I managed to get this great kitchen set! I've seen it being sold before, not this particular set, but similar vintage sets, but the shipping has always been ridiculously high. It's big and rather heavy set, so no wonder it costs a lot to ship here. I've seen it in Australia and in the States, never in Europe. I didn't see it in Europe this time either, but better than that - somebody who's also coming to the Blythe Europe con is selling her kitchen! And I bought it! She'll hand deliver it there!! Super awesome!

I've decided to dust my Hello Kitty plush toys today. A lot of work! Also the top of the cabinets.

After that I don't have that much more to do. I still have two closets, and I guess I should do my drawers as well. One of the closets is the doll closet. And that is the worst. I had to use a pice of wood to keep the stuff from falling off when I open the door. It's really that bad. But I'm not doing that today.


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